Teeth in 1 Day in Airway Heights

Teeth in 1 Day in Airway Heights

Get a New Smile with Teeth in a Day

Are you currently in dentures or do you have several teeth that need to be replaced? Our Teeth in a Day treatments allow you to address your entire smile with one treatment, rather than make multiple trips back and forth to a dentist’s office (we know it’s not your favorite thing to do, after all!) Fortunately, our Airway Heights implant dentists are able to help you restore your smile in a single appointment, so that you can have improved confidence the moment you walk out our front door.

If you’re plagued by bulky dentures, unhealthy or embarrassing teeth and need a comprehensive solution to replace all of them at once, then Teeth in a Day is an excellent option to consider.

What are “Teeth in a Day?”

Teeth in a Day are an implant supported denture design that allows us to replace all of your upper or lower arch of teeth in one appointment. Because implants are incredibly strong “artificial roots” that can support a variety of tooth replacement options, we can use as few as four of them to support and stabilize a full arch denture.

If you need to have any decaying, diseased, or broken teeth removed, they are extracted before or during the same appointment. Then, two to six implants are set into the jaw in specific points of the bone, with the denture attached onto them. The number of implants that you need will depend on how healthy your bone is, whether or not it’s an upper or lower denture, and the type of prosthesis design that you’re getting.

Once all of the implants have been set in place, we affix your customized denture so that it is directly anchored on top of the implant abutments. This allows you to enjoy:

  • Complete smile replacement in one day
  • A stable restoration that won’t slip or slide
  • Options for a permanent prosthesis that only your dentist removes
  • Confidence to smile or eat around friends
  • An entire "makeover" in just one dental appointment

Digital Accuracy for Better Results

West Plains Dental uses advanced dental technology to provide the best, most accurate fit on all of our Teeth in a Day treatments. This advanced method makes it possible to create the best fitting prosthesis for each patient we see, without room for human error during the fabrication process

Digital scanning not only improves the accuracy of fit for your implant restorations, it also allows our Airway Heights dentists to complete your procedure in a more efficient manner. That way you spend less time waiting, enjoy shorter appointments, and don’t have to sacrifice the quality of care that you receive. You’ll have a better fitting prosthesis that compliments your smile and helps you feel confident about the way your teeth look.

Same Day Smiles: Are They Right for You?

You may want to consider getting Teeth in a Day in Spokane if you:

  • Have existing dentures that hurt to wear, or don’t fit properly
  • Want to replace all of your teeth in one dental appointment
  • Have healthy bone and gums that will support dental implants
  • Want a long-lasting alternative to conventional dentures
  • Need better stability for speaking or eating

To find out if you’re a candidate for a Teeth in a Day procedure, contact our Spokane implant dentists to schedule a consultation. We’ll talk about your goals, what the process involves, and even discuss financing options to make your care as affordable as possible. If you’re ready to get started, we can schedule your surgery as early as the next two or three weeks!

Advantages of Choosing an Implant Supported Option

Our most common Teeth in a Day patients are individuals who have been wearing conventional dentures that don’t fit well. Either they’ve lost bone (causing the “plate” to slip and slide all day long) or there’s not a good way to keep the denture in place without adhesive pastes and strips. Adding a few implants prior to fitting you with a new prosthesis can help you enjoy a secure, comfortable fit all day, every day.

With implants as part of your Teeth in a Day process, you can enjoy added bone health and support for your smile. Implants in general help to stimulate new bone growth in the jaw, which allows them to fuse permanently in place for the rest of your life. This also helps to delay additional bone loss…a common reason why people with conventional dentures have problems establishing a good fit.

"Am I a Candidate for Treatment?"

The only way to find out if Teeth in a Day are right for you is to schedule a no-pressure consultation with our Spokane dentists. We understand how devastating it can be to feel self-conscious about your smile and we’ll do everything possible to help you enjoy a solution that meets your needs and concerns.

If you decide that it’s time to move forward with treatment, our coordinators will review the care plan, what’s involved, and any insurance information. You can schedule your procedure right away so that you can enjoy a new smile in no time. During your treatment, you can lay back and watch your favorite show on one of our ceiling-mounted televisions! We do everything possible to ensure that you’re comfortable from start to finish. It’s easier than you might think!

No Teeth: Looking Older Than You Really Are

Missing teeth can make your smile appear sunken in and older than it really is. If you need a straightforward solution for replacing several teeth at once, West Plains Dental can help! Teeth in a Day assists in filling out your facial features that have been impacted by bone and tooth loss.

Affordable Dental Implant Financing Options

You shouldn’t have to decide between having a healthy smile and paying your rent. Our Spokane implant dentists make it possible to affordably finance your Teeth in a Day treatment so that it fits into your monthly budget. 0% interest options are available. No insurance? Ask about our Dental Savers plan to save as much as 50% on select treatments.

Enjoy a confident new smile with our Spokane dental implant and Teeth in a Day experts. Call West Plains Dental in Airway Heights today to schedule your no-pressure consultation.

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